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Chiropractic Gaylord MI Massage Therapy

We are happy to announce that massage therapy is now available at Saks Wellness Center. Our Therapist comes to us with extensive training and expertise. Please read on to see what is available and get to know Joni.

Joan T. Coxton, LMT, CST

Certified in several Integrative Therapies such as: Cranial Sacral Therapy, Essential Oil Therapy, "ROCK Tape" - used in pain relief and sports treatment support, Reflexology, Heart Centered Therapy, and Somato Release Therapy Level I and II.

Basic Relaxation Massage

Includes a variety of massage techniques: reflexology, sometimes hydro-therapy and one medicinal-quality essential oil used on the table to assist the client with relaxation and relief of stress.

Therapeutic Massage

Includes a variety of massage techniques, hydro-therapy, CST techniques, stretches, tense and release techniques, and up to two medicinal-quality essential oils. Therapist targets one to two specific problematic areas to assist the patient's body into better health and balance.

Cranial Sacral Therapy

A subtle body energy releasing technique that uses a light-touch approach to access and treat the cranio sacral system (the soft tissues and fluid that protects your brain and spinal cord). Various CST and biodynamic techniques are used to release deep tensions in the body, relieving pain/trauma and improving whole-body health and performance. One or two medicinal-quality essential oils may be included to enhance this type of treatment.

Essential & Medicinal-Quality Oil Therapy Immune Building Raindrop Therapy

This therapy includes medicinal-quality essential oils applied along the spine, and specific techniques are used to allow the body to process the oils where needed in the body. Hydro-therapy is then applied to further the healing process.

All services are approximately 1½ hours. Please allow Joni to assess which of her skills best fit your needs in each session.

Cost: $125.00

Joan (Joni) has work in the private practice setting for 23+ years. Her enthusiasm for treating her patients and clients from a whole person perspective has served well in the healing community. She continues to take advance course work through a wide variety of continuing education classes which enhance the treatment paths and restoration of her patients.

Joni and her husband, David, have recently moved to Northern Michigan. She attended Northwestern Michigan College (1979-1981) and during the summers worked for the US Forest Service youth programs. So she is excited to be back up North! As most, they enjoy outdoor activities, an alternative health and holistic lifestyle, music and experiences of different cultures through service projects. They are also looking forward to participating in new sports, art genre's and involvement in local activities.


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