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Back Pain that comes and goes....eventually stays!
You know the feeling. You wake up stiffand maybe even sore. It's there though, a constant reminder that something isn't quite right. Mostly, it goes away. Some days it takes longer than others. Ususally the stiffness eases up after you shower. Sometimes just moving around loosens it up. You sigh. That's right, your achy back isnt that bad after. Or is it?

For some, it is getting up out of a chair; for others, their pain starts after bending over to pick up a pencil or to tie their shoes. Still others notice the pain when it knocks them down....literally, it puts them on their knees. A thunderbolt of searing pain where before there was a dull ache, or nothing at all.

What was the ache? Why is it now a raging blowtorch of hot, stabbing, crippling pain that takes your breath away?

That ache was a warning sign, a sure sign that your spinal bones were not working as a unit. The vertebrae were not able to do their jobs as as designed. The discs and ligaments as well as the super-sensitive facet joints were over loaded. The muscles of the spine had become weak, and full of fat from lack of use.

The stress of gravity, of sitting in a a poor position day after day, texting, working on your laptop, driving with your seat all messed up....sleeping on your belly, or even in some cases (and you know who you are!) All of the above....the wear and tear finally catches up with you, and yo end up in pain, afraid, and unsure of the future.

Horrendous back pain almost always starts like this. You wait to long, and it becomes a way of life. Maybe you've taken over the counter drugs or, maybe you've visited your doctor or even a specialist and were given much stronger drugs for your "back ache". But, since these drugs didn't make you sit up straight, get in shape, or reposition your spinal bones to a stronger, more stable structural position, and since they didn't rebuild the supporting muscles in and around your spine, your problem continued to get worse. Now, what a started as poor posture is a chronic muscular strain or sprain; a disc bulge, or even a gull-blown herniated disc. You may even have pressure on the nerves in your lower back an aching toothache-like pain down your ghigh and leg calleds sciatica (sigh-add-ika) this may mean you have an even more challenging structural spinal problems.

You could take a chance again. You know, the pain may "go away for another day" by taking the drugs. But you know deep down that the problem is still there, and next time if will be worse.....for sure, clinical research proves it.

Tired of this over-worsening cycle? Want a common sense approach to solving the problem instead of candy-coating the symptoms? Consider this. If the problem is truly a structural, postural, mechanical back problem, the only reasonable solution is a structural, biomechanical approach. After a precision analysis to determine the complete nature of your problem, you will be presented with options for dealing with it. Handle your back problem now, oryou will hit your knees sooner or later. And when this happens, you can kiss sports, and your future goodbye....


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