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What is Chiropractic Massage Therapy?

Saks Wellness Center : Massage Therapy in Gaylord and bellaire

Massage_Therapy2.jpgWhether you need relaxation for stressed, tired muscles or relief from an injury; our massage department is here to help restore your body to its proper function. Massage sessions are available daily in 30 or 60-minute sessions, depending on a patient’s needs and desires. Along with relaxation and therapeutic massages we also offer more specialized manual therapies.


Lymphatic Drain

Massage, when it is combined with chiropractic care can be an unbeatable team.

Lymph circulation boosts and stimulates the immune system, which is vital to life. When lymph flow stagnates or slows, problems arise. This gentle massage increases the flow of lymph. In turn, this will clear the body of bacteria, toxins and waste. A healthy individual should receive this therapy at least four times a year.


Essential Oil Therapy

Essential oils stimulate the immune system and bring balance to a dysfunctional area of the body. These oils have a therapeutic value in aiding physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Pure essential oils are very powerful antioxidants and antiseptic agents. Essential oils penetrate cells in the body within 20 minutes or less. Essential oils are a must have for optimal health.



Reflexology is the science of hand and foot massage. Reflected in the palmar surface of the hand and the plantar surface of the foot, it is a map of the human body. Reflexology works through stimulation points for the body on either the hand or foot. These points correspond to organs, glands, muscles and bone. By stimulating these points specific health conditions may be improved and a feeling of well being achieved.


Light Healing Touch

LHT is a gentle, relaxing therapy that clears energy pathways to restore balance to the body. This therapy is beneficial for those with a variety of health and emotional concerns. Light healing touch decreases stress and promotes an overall feeling of well being.

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