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Therapeutic Nutrition

Many people ask us... "What is Therapeutic Nutrition?"

Thereapeutic Nutrition is an important part of the wellness program offered at Saks Wellness Center in Gaylord and Bellaire. Our Thereapeutic Nutrition is made up of several different elements. Each individual is different, so our nutritional therapy is tailored specifically to you. First, we determine where your body has weaknesses.  Which organs are not functioning optimally and where yoiu are suffering stress. This requires a review of your health status, your current diet and what you are currently doing to help keep yourself well.



Next, we find the supplements you need.  We look foir not only the nutrient needed but the form or source that will be the most effective for your health concern. We also determine deficiencies in your body’s nutritional status that may be caused by prescription and over-the-counter medications.

Many people assume that nutritional therapy has a lot to do with me telling them what to eat. To this I say, “Yes, I am going to tell you what kinds of foods to eat, but what may be more important are the kinds of foods I tell you not to eat.” To reach optimal health we have to adopt changes in our lifestyle decisions and behavior. By making sound nutritional and lifestyle decisions we can help avoid most of the conditions that affect us as we age.


The next question people ask is... “What good will this do me?”

When you participate in a nutrition program designed specifically for you, there are numerous benefits. First and foremost, you are making smart and sound lifestyle decisions, and these decisions can put off many disease processes that commonly occur later in life. One good example of this is diabetes – you can dramatically reduce your chances of suffering from diabetes by making good lifestyle decisions. Other possible great side effects of sound lifestyle decisions include increased energy and weight loss.  For most people, following a program like this significantly improves theie quality of life and significantly reduces or eliminates the hea;lth problems they are experiencing.


Now, how do we do this?

wellness_lecture.jpgWellness lectures at Saks Wellness Center

The process of analyzing a person’s nutritional status is quite extensive. First, we discuss and review what you are currently doing in terms of diet, exercise and sleep. Next, we see how your body’s systems are functioning. We manually test organ function, perform an acid/base test and determine body fat percentage. We also utilize a Heart Rate Variability Test that gives a detailed computerized analysis of nervous system function.

I can’t stress enough that our health is directly shaped by the way we live our lives. Unfortunately, a common strategy is to do nothing until the body suffers some sort of break down and only then to think about repairing the problem. We have a better idea – be proactive!  If it is too late to be proactive, act now, but do it in a way that when the crisis is over, you have taken a proactive approach for your future. 

Come in today for a nutritional consultation and improve the quality of your life, both for now and far into your future.

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